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15 août 2015

# 01097 - absence 15

s o u v e n i r s      a m n é s i q u e s
saint gilles croix de vie 85 vendée france
17 novembre 2006
Sony num. DSC T3

4 commentaires:

  1. Your eye for composition is inspired.
    Love the "tri-part tight" design, which they
    taught me early on. The colors are great.
    Nicely done, me boy.

    1. thank you Rick !
      framing and balance in the photo is something very important
      thanks again

  2. The winter in the previous post reminds me that soon we have like that, perhaps as early as after 3 months .. It is not nice to drive the blowing snow. But it is accustomed to (hmmm .. ;(

    This series by car in road is great.
    And this photo is very beautiful. I don't usually see horizont here because here are so much islands.
    Have a nice sunday.

    1. it must be well equipped for driving on snow and being obliged ... but winter is not here yet ... fortunately

      and about the horizons ...
      Here horizons are clear, and often fascinating ...
      the colors are magical
      have a good week / hugs